Letter of Interest

2023 Food Vision Prize: Letter of Interest Information and Instructions

Evaluation Criteria 

  • Measurable Impact: In addition to measurable increases in the sourcing of regional food within K-12 or higher education dining programs, this project has the potential to deliver replicable, scalable, or breakthrough solutions that support our region’s march toward the 50×60 vision. It is clear what difference this project will make in the local/regional institutional supply chain and who will benefit as a result. 

  • Collaborative: Funding would be used to further relationships and collaboration between institutional food procurement/supply chain partner(s) and at least one identified educational institution. 

  • Regional: A majority of the food associated with the project should be produced in New England. 

  • Equitable: The project includes specific action to address injustice and inequity in the food system. This includes but is not limited to engaging stakeholders in decision making, incorporating equity commitments in contract and vendor selection, and developing timelines that allow for authentic relationship building. 

  • Sustainable: There is a clear plan for how the project will be managed during the grant period and how the project will continue beyond the initial grant period. 

Information asked for during the LOI process

Applicant Information 

  • Project Title 

  • Primary applicant:
    • Organization name
    • Primary contact name
    • Primary contact title
    • Primary contact email
    • Primary contact phone number


  • Institutional partner (K-12 or Higher Ed)

  • If the institution isn’t the primary applicant:
    • Institution name
    • Primary contact name
    • Primary contact title
    • Primary contact email
    • Primary contact phone number
    • Do you have an established relationship with this partner/what is the nature of your relationship with them? 
  • Additional project partners: Please list all additional partners and their role in the food value chain (for example: community organization, farmer, food hub, policy advocate). Please use the following formatting for additional partners: 
    • Partner name and location
    • Name of contact at partner institution/organization
    • Role of contact at partner institution/organization
    • Contact email
    • Contact phone
    • Do you have an established relationship with this partner/what is the nature of your relationship with them? 

Project Information 

Please briefly explain your project idea in up to two pages. We will evaluate Letters of Interest in relation to the above criteria. Basic background on your organization may be provided or supplemented through attached documentation (see next section).

Please also address the following in your letter: 

  • How do you propose to use the Prize funding, if awarded? 
  • What difference or impact your proposed use of funding would have on building capacity or strengthening pathways for increasing the preparation, sourcing, serving, or use of regional food on higher education and/or K-12 academic campuses in New England?  
  • What role(s) will institutional and other project partners play in this project? 
  • Which group(s) would benefit most as a result of your project and how? 
  • How would your project address injustice and inequity in the regional or local food system? 
  • Total amount of funding requested (between $25,000 and $200,000) 
  • Over what period of time do you plan to spend this funding (up to two years)? 

Additional Information 

  • How did you hear about this Prize?
    • General email announcement from the Henry P. Kendall Foundation 
    • Direct email from a Henry P. Kendall Foundation team member 
    • Email from another organization (please specify which organization(s)) 
    • Social media of another organization 
    • Other (please specify) 
  • Document Upload: If your organization hasn’t previously applied for funding from the Henry P. Kendall Foundation, and you’d like to provide us with additional information about your organization, feel free to submit background materials (ex: annual report, website page(s), recently presented slide deck, mission/vision/values statement, organizational history, etc.). This is not required for the LOI submission. Should your file exceed the size limit, please send it to info@kendall.org.  

LOI submission

Please submit your Letter of Interest via our grant portal. If you have not applied for a grant with us in the past, you will need to create an account. Follow directions at the link below.

We look forward to hearing from you!