Creating large-scale, cross-sector, and cross-state communication, collaboration, and peer-to-peer learning across the food system.

At the community, municipal, state, and regional levels, partners are working to establish and implement comprehensive food plans and policies that increase equitable access to sustainable, culturally relevant local and regional food. Local and state efforts are strengthened by collaboration with others throughout the region.

The Henry P. Kendall Foundation supports efforts aimed at increasing collaboration, communication, and peer-to-peer learning among food system stakeholders in New England who share a goal of increasing the consumption and procurement of local food. Building the capacity of state and regional networks is key to promoting this coordination and partnership across the region.

Regional leadership is also required to champion the New England Food Vision, a collaborative report that considers the food future of our region, developed by Food Solutions New England in 2012. Along with Food Solutions New England, strong regional partners like Farm to Institution New England (FINE) and the Northeast Farm to School Collaborative are key drivers of this work, bringing diverse advocates to a shared table, aligning advocacy efforts, and amplifying the voices of this movement.