Increasing the amount of local and regional food served on New England’s college and university campuses

The Need

Higher Educational institutions represent a collective economic force that has the potential to significantly impact the region’s food system through greater regional procurement, and by helping their students recognize the impact they have as consumers with the food choices they make. Despite progress in recent years, barriers persist that prevent New England colleges and universities from sourcing more of the food they serve on-campus from the region.

Our Solution

Launched by the Henry P. Kendall Foundation in 2018, the New England Food Vision Prize Program awards of up to $250,000 each to increase the amount of local and regional food prepared and serviced on New England college and university campuses, helping to strengthen the region’s food system.

The Prize Program is designed to raise awareness and build the capacity of the region’s food supply chain, encourage collaboration between food system stakeholders, and increase procurement and consumption of products grown, raised, or harvested in New England.

Due to the pandemic, the Foundation suspended the Prize in 2020 and 2021. For 2022, the Foundation announced the next phase of the Prize. ​​The 2022 New England Food Vision Prize awarded over $1 million in prizes ranging from $25,000 to $200,000. Prizes were awarded to projects focused on building resiliency, relationships, and capacity within New England’s academic institutional food supply chain, resulting in increased preparation, sourcing, serving, or use and consumption of local and regional food at K-12 schools and higher education institutions.

Announcing the winners of the 2022 New England Food Vision Prize!

Past Prize Winners:

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