Our goal: to create a resilient and healthy food system in New England that increases the production and consumption of local, sustainably produced food.

"Looking backwards, breaking into new territory is not something that comes as a surprise nor is it unwelcome for the Henry. P. Kendall Foundation. Witness the founding of the Union of Concerned Scientists or the huge cooperative effort know as From Yellowstone to Yukon. We have a long history of identifying a need and organizing ourselves around it to effect substantial, lasting change. Building a resilient and healthy food system in New England will not come easily, but it is a worthwhile cause and I hope we can do more."
—John P. Kendall, 2016


60 years ago, two brothers with adventuresome spirits and a willingness to take risks began a philanthropic endeavor. It took several years and numerous conversations with trusted friends and advisors to find their own way of doing things, but once they did, they committed to "underwrite worthy, imaginative projects" that would have a real impact on the issues they cared about. (quote pulled from A Quiet Partner, by Philip Cantelon, 1999). They determined that they were interested in action more than research and sought to "nourish talent rather than to select projects and pay for the solutions." (from a letter by JPK to HWK, 1959). While some aspects of today's grantmaking have changed, their spirit lives on in the style and values of the foundation to this day.


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  • Left: Henry P. Kendall / Right: Abel Kendall