Our Approach

Since July of 2011 when the Henry P. Kendall Foundation launched its new program, we have been gathering information and getting acquainted with the issues, organizations and leaders who are working on rebuilding a healthy food system in New England. The work and thinking of these leaders and other national experts has informed the formulation of a strategy for the Kendall Foundation’s grantmaking.

We are inspired by regional leaders who have begun to articulate a bold long term goal for the New England region.  While the specifics of that goal are still being finalized, the New England Food Vision puts a stake in the ground that by the year 2060, 50% of the food eaten here will be produced here. We think there is real value in a shared vision that can serve as motivation and provide a shared direction for our collective efforts.

We look at the region and the food system as a whole, recognizing that many complementary strategies and tactics are required to create lasting change.  Our aim is to work collaboratively with funders, grantees, and other public and private sector partners toward this vision by focusing our resources on two primary strategies.

Our Regional Strategy works toward a New England food system that is connected and well-coordinated in all six states, where leaders across the region are collaborating toward a shared 2060 vision and key physical infrastructure is strategically planned and connected.

Our Groundwork Strategy is focused on catalyzing inspiring examples of success in a few targeted geographic areas within New England that can be lifted up for others who seek to replicate their success.  We have selected three geographies to start: Greater Boston, the State of Rhode Island, and the Pioneer Valley in Massachusetts. 

We acknowledge that inspiring examples already exist in the region.  We believe our work will complement these efforts by sparking new ones and with a well-coordinated and connected region, these food system pioneers will be able to share and learn from others.