Creating large-scale change requires a dramatic shift in understanding, consumer preferences and culture.

To strengthen the food movement, more people need to see it as their movement. The Henry P. Kendall Foundation supports efforts aimed at broadening and deepening the public’s understanding of and involvement with food systems change.

The work to build, strengthen, and improve New England’s food system takes place at both the state and regional level. State-based partners like the Massachusetts Food System Collaborative, the Vermont Farm to Plate Network, Rhode Island Food Policy Council, the Connecticut Food System Alliance, and the New Hampshire Food Alliance are working to establish and implement comprehensive food plans and enact state-level food policies, not only for their state, but in concert with the efforts taking place beyond their borders.

Regional leadership is also required to champion the New England Food Vision, a collaborative report that considers the food future of our region, developed by Food Solutions New England in 2012. Along with Food Solutions New England, strong regional partners like Farm to Institution New England (FINE) and the Northeast Farm to School Collaborative are key drivers of this work, bringing diverse advocates to a shared table, aligning advocacy efforts, and amplifying the voices of this movement.

An Integrated Approach

Grassroots organizing, public engagement, policy advocacy, and media all drive awareness, understanding, support, and demand for this important cause, which must be just, equitable, and sustainable. The public dialogue and the vehicles that drive it cannot be ignored as we move toward the 2060 vision. As part of our strategic focus we invest in innovative and effective strategies to build this regional movement, capitalize on the leadership that exists and amplify a diversity of voices, ensuring that this movement is one of justice and equity.